Customize protective materials and provide related


BST can provide KN95 masks, disposable medical masks, civilian masks, and many other types of masks. Our masks comply with CE,FDA and other international certifications and are widely sold in the world.If you need face mask, please contact us.

BST can provide chlorine-containing disinfectant and alcohol disinfectant. If you need disinfectant, please contact us.

Rubber gloves are gloves made of thin rubber sheets or films. Latex gloves and molding gloves can be made according to rubber materials or manufacturing process. If you need disposable gloves, please contact

Medical protective clothing

The function of medical protective clothing is to isolate bacteria, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid and alkali solution, electromagnetic radiation, etc., so as to ensure the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean. If you need, please contact

Infrared thermometer

In nature, the surface temperature of the object can be accurately determined by the infrared energy measurement of the radiation of the object itself, which is the objective basis of infrared radiation temperature measurement. If you need, please contact

Eye protector

A protective eyewear used by doctors for homework, also known as an eye patch. Can prevent a few potions or blood to wait to splash face, have protective effect to the eye accordingly. If you need, please contact